Hello World.

Starting this properly with an introduction.

Hi folks, my name is Zanfers, an average guy in his mid thirties with a bit of time to kill. I have opinions on many things and decided to put down some of them on “paper” on a fairly regular basis. To start this blog and see how long I keep doing it.

As a disclaimer, I’d like to note that English is not my native language, I live in Eastern Europe, but since I speak English on an okay level, I thought if someone might ever read my lines, the more the merrier internationally.

My main interests are games, movies, series, politics, thought I hope I’ll never discuss the latter here. I’d like to start with games, because it is my passion since I ever sat down in front of a bootleg SEGA MegaDrive. Games gave me a lot throughout the decades, including most of my English vocabulary. I have several ideas for blog posts about the topic, but I like to focus on more philosophical, theoretical aspects of games and gaming in general. Probably I will never make reviews of the latest games, as I am not chasing trends, and also because this is mainly a hobby for me. Just for my own, and maybe some other stray readers’ entertainment.

I don’t know what else to write here, let’s just get started and see where this leads and where it ends. In case you ever read any of my posts, welcome here, I am very happy to see you.

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