Let’s print obsolete crap. Among Us guide books.

What really grinds my gears is useless waste that we keep producing while our planet is already drowning in trash.

Growing up in the 90s, guide books for video games were a thing. Also gaming magazines, where each month you could go to your local news stand and pick up the newest issue containing guides, walkthroughs, reviews.

Actually I remember seeing Lara Croft half naked for the first time in one of those magazines. They were simpler times.

Of course back then having an Internet connection at home either wasn’t a thing, or it was costly.

However for the love of God, who needs a printed guide book for an online only video game in 2022?

Impostors’ guide and Among us guidebook. Saw these last night on my way home.

Who is the target audience? You literally have an abundance of wikis, guides, forums and YouTube videos teaching you different strategies for Among us.

It just seems like a moneygrab, targeting older relatives who have no idea what to buy for their kids, grandkids.

What really bothers me in this is the wastefulness of such useless products. As far as I remember, just last year there were reports of global cellulose shortage.is that these guide books are not official, and not published by InnerSloth.

It is important to note however, that these guide books are not official, and not published by InnerSloth.

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