Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Request #8 – Bothersome Bidoof

A quick guide on a small sidequest in Pokémon Legends: Arceus on which I spent more time than I wanted to. So you don’t have to.

In Request Number 8, you have to help Tsumugi in Jubilife Village to locate 3 stray Bidoofs. Below I will show you the locations of them, in case you are having a hard time finding them.

The quest also says that you need to have a Bidoof with you. While maybe it is enough that you caught a Bidoof, for safety’s sake I added one to my team.

Bidoof #1

This little guy can be found at the far end of the Pasture, in the corner where the fence ends. Just approach it and watch the cutscene.

Bidoof number 1

Bidoof #2

Bidoof number 2 can be found across the farm, near the scaffolding of a construction site.

Bidoof #3

I had the most issue with finding this one as it blends quite well in the background. Go right from the Team Galaxy hall, and find it between two buildings.

That was all, you have found all 3 pesky rodents, and you can go on with your life in the Hisui region.

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