I miss camping in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

With my more comprehensive review in the works, I realized one thing about Arceus. I miss bonding with my Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a mixed bag for me. I am about to enter “act 3” of the game, and while I enjoy it a lot, I realized that I miss one thing from Sword and Shield that at that time I found somewhat unnecessary.

Like I mentioned before, the story and immersion of Arceus is not its strong point. You are thrown in Hisui through a “space-time rift” which is unheard of but something no one really cares about in the game.

It’s okay, it is a Pokémon game after all, a great story is not expected. But I do miss building bonds with my pocket monsters.

In SWSH you had the possibility to camp with your companions. Play with them, cook for them, try different recipes from various ingredients. It was a silly little mechanic that game me a somewhat wholesome feeling at that time.

And it is a mechanic that I think would have a very reasonable place in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

In SWSH you were always in close proximity to civilization. You just hopped on your bike and you were in a settlement in no time. In fact the wilderness seemed more like a theoretic setting, not an actual untamed land.

In Arceus however, you are indeed out in the wild. Yet you have to travel back to fast travel points to rest your Pokémon, change your party, etc.

One of the very bleak camps of PLA.

Cooking is entirely missing from the game, which is an absolute miss in my opinion. If anywhere, it would make perfect sense in Hisui. You are out in the land on your own, living off the land.

Also those cooking, playing sessions could give some great context for your team. In SWSH I had this sense of a well built team, I was somewhat bound to my Pokémon. Which is also one of the main points if the franchise.

In Arceus I don’t even bother bonding with them. You just find bigger and better team members so fast in the ranks of Alpha Pokémon, that I really feel like I have cannon fodder 1-6 in my team.

My Budew making the ultimate sacrifice while I heal up my stronger Pokémon.

Obviously this is not something that would make me cry myself to sleep, but still I think it would have been a nice feature to keep.

You can still interact with your Pokémon however. All you need to do is to aim at the ground close to yourself in the wilderness, and throw their ball. You can approach them, and talk to them, make cool photos with them.

But it’s still not the same as playing fetch with my Gyarados in Shield.

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