Remake this: Max Payne 2

For better or worse, the last few years were full of remakes and remasters of games from the early 2000s. But there is one game I really wish would get a facelift.

I’m a 90s kid. And as such, some of my fondest gaming memories are from the early 2000s. Probably I’m not alone, as gaming companies have remastered several of that era’s hit games recently. Diablo II, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2+3 and even the infamous GTA Trilogy. All of them are games that defined my taste in gaming for the rest of my life.

But there is one game that in my opinion still deserves a remake, and it is Max Payne 2: The fall of Max Payne.

Early 2000s were edgy which resulted in some truly terrible games, but also some real gems that could not be replaced to this day. If you don’t know Max Payne 2, probably I won’t be able to explain you why that game must get a remake, but I will still try.

The Max Payne series was so much the product of that era, that one of its main features was bullet time action which was all the rage since the release of the first Matrix movie. Something that is not so jaw dropping anymore, but back them we lost our minds over it.

It is a neo-noir detective story set in the grim underbelly of New York city. You play as the titular character, Max Payne who in the previous game lost everything that was precious for him. A gang of drug crazed gang members have murdered his family which lead him on a rampage.

He is a bitter anti-hero, a cynical vigilante who in retrospect wants to die as much as he wants to serve his twisted justice. Between the action sequences of the game, the narrative is told through sometimes corny but dark comic strips, really setting the noir vibe for the game.

Max with his femme fatale, Mona Sax.

Again, if you have not played the game yet, just trust me and look into it. It is a very unique gaming experience with a great setting which creates a vibe that stays with you maybe forever.

If you played it, then you probably understand why I want this to get a remake. For quite some time I was looking for more modern, newer games that could take me back to where Max Payne 2 did. But somehow no game came close to that version of depressing yet intriguing version of New York city.

Max’s inner monologues, his self doubt whether he went insane or not, the eerie TV show, Address Unknown which always aired when Max passed by a TV and which somehow always talked to him. Adding more fuel to the paranoia. And last but not least the soundtrack of the game. The end credit song became a staple of my custom playlists ever since then.

I really wish Rockstar Games would make the decision to Remedy (pun intended) its flawed reputation after the botched GTA Trilogy remaster with a proper remake of this somewhat forgotten classic. Oh and pretty please port it to PS5 as well.

What about you? What old game you would like to see to be remade properly? Leave a comment so we can dream together.

5 responses to “Remake this: Max Payne 2”

  1. I believe there are many people who would want a remake of Max Payne 2, myself included. I can’t help but wonder how long Rockstar plans to milk GTA V and move on to newer projects.
    Most of the games I wanted to be remade are now remastered. It’s a little underwhelming but there’s not much we can do about it. I’m excited to see Rocket League being remade (in Unreal Engine 5) as well as the Splinter Cell series.

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    • Oh Splinter cell… To this day the best stealth game imo.

      It had so many cool features even in the first game, I remember how you could adjust Sam’s speed with the mouse wheel. It blew my mind back then.

      I would also like to see No One Lives forever, I don’t know if you played it.

      But since you are also a diehard Yakuza fan: Kiwami 1 and 2 are the perfect example how a remake should be done. You should check out how the PS2 version looked like compared to Kiwami


  2. Max Payne 2 was the pinnacle of story telling in the PlayStation 2 era IMO. Rivaled by only a few top tier games at the time, (Snake Eater, SH2, Indigo Prophecy) I thought it was the perfect blend of action and drama. I’d love a remake but I still think the original is just fine to bust out.

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    • Absolutely! But I’d still love to play it on current-gen and also on consoles. I was thinking however, maybe for today’s taste it would be too violent, or gruesome? Not by my standards, but nowadays many games tone it down a bit. Also thanks for mentioning Silent Hill 2, even that should get a remake imo. It was the part of the series that I enjoyed the most.

      One more thing: I would like these gems to be remade so newer generations could enjoy and appreciate them as well. It is pretty unlikely that they would just start to play them these days.

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      • Very true. Remakes would help usher in a generation of fans to the games we grew up with. However, I’d be skeptical of Rockstar after their latest GTA snafu.
        Which, in comparison to GTA V I don’t think Max Payne 2 would be too violent. The themes are dark and heavy but I think with the focus on the substance abuse and such in Max Payne 3 that was even darker.
        It was a really great story. Really putting me in the mood for it! Lol


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