I just had the funniest dream about blogging

Just a quick post, I had a weird dream about blogging. I hope it comes true.

So last night I wrote a longer post, a review on the new Pokémon game, scheduled it and hoped it will help my blog.

I am doing this for a week, it is just a hobby, something to help me adopting a writing habit, so I try to post daily and I read a lot of guides on how to get traction.

I am very motivated, and I had a dream that when I woke up, my site had 35.000 views. Which is obviously unrealistic but it is so funny in retrospect. But the woldest thing about it was that I instantly started to panic. Oh my God, what I write next, gotta write now, must keep it rolling.

Well anyway, one step at a time, but at least it seems that my mind is set on this. And I was very grateful for a few views, likes and comments when I woke up. No panic, no pressure, just writing for the joy of it.

In the meantime I keep doing research, there is so much knowledge on the Internet about this.

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