Ranking JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime parts

With each and every part playing in different eras, on different continents and with mostly different characters, JoJo’s Bizarre adventure is one of the most diverse anime series. This also makes it one of my favourites, but this also means that some parts I prefer over others.

Since I know how wild some fans can get, I will start with the disclaimer that this list reflects nothing more but my personal preference. I am not imposing my opinion on others, I am not right or wrong.

With that out of the way, I want to say that I love JJBA so much. I am not a long time anime fan, in fact I only started to dabble in it during the pandemic. My fiancée is much more on the weeb side, so she introduced me first to Konosuba, which I adored. Then one day, I said to her: “Have you watched JoJo? I heard a lot of good thinkgs about it.”

The rest is history. We both saw it together for the first time, and ever since then it is an integral part of our daily lives. Memes, videos, compilations, live action adaptations, jokes, figurines, merch. Well the latter mainly for her, i am not a fan of collecting items.

We had many discussions which part of the anime series is our favourite, which characters we love or hate. She also read the manga, but I only saw the anime, so I will rank those, based solely on my personal preference.

Also, this is not a review, just a few thoughts on each part. Additionally, I will not include part 6, Stone Ocean, as it is not finished yet. I have a rank for it, but it would not be an educated opinion at this point.

5 – Part 4: Diamond is unbreakable

So let’s rip off the band aid. I do not really like Part 4. I know that for many people this is the best part, many people love the visuals, the characters, but it just simply didn’t click with me.

Actually this is where my fiancée and I have the most arguments. She adores Part 4, it is her absolute favourite.

Like some other JoJo parts, it started great but became flat for me in the end. This was the part which made me fall asleep the most times.

In the beginning I liked the murder mystery vibe with Kira the serial killer, the idea that stand users are being created, and I also enjoyed the new, slice of life approach of Morioh.

But eventually I felt that it slowed down way too much for me, and there were a lot of filler episodes, which gave more depth to the characters, but halted the main plot.

What started as a cool, insidious and a bit grim setting with a serial killer on the loose, turned out to be a goose chase after Kira, and his super annoying father. Not to mention the lacking role of Jotaro throughout the whole season.

It was just messy for me, too many small individual stories that had nothing to do with the main plot.

That being said, it had some characters that I really liked. It has in my opinion one of the best supporting characters, Okuyasu. His character ark shows real development, he is a loyal ally of the main characters and overall just a very good hearted person.

I will pour even more oil on the fire by stating, I loved the live action version if Diamond is Unbreakable, and I liked it especially for Okuyasu. The actor who portrayed him gave real depth to the character, and it was a real pleasure to watch him develop. Many people hated the live action version, but we both really enjoyed it and I hope they will continue it eventually.

Also, in the mainline anime I was not a huge fan of Rohan, but I actually really enjoyed the Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan ova. Again, I found those stories far more enjoyable, being more on the mystery story side.

Also the live action version of these ovas is amazing, I highly recommend watching them, although it is somewhat tricky outside of Japan.

Overall it is not a bad part, in fact there are no bad parts of JoJo, it was just not really my cup of tea.

4 – Part 5: Golden Wind

Golden Wind is a very mixed bag for me. When I was sometimes bored out of my mind watching Part 4, I could not wait to watch Part 5 finally.

I loved its visuals, the character design, the whole super sexy Italian Mafia idea. But again, it started great and flopped for me by the end.

The characters were amazing, they looked amazing and they were a very colourful cast. Mommy Bruno and his team of misbehaving children put a smile on my face often, and I really loved how Araki drew inspiration from renaissance art for his character design.

Overall it is the most aesthetic JJBA part for me, it is beautiful to look at.

However I am one of those guys, who by the end found the stands and their synergies, combinations way too complicated and forced. I actually understand the logic of King Crimson’s power, but I will never understand that part with the glowing orbs behind their heads, or whatever that was.

Maybe my mental capacity is not enough to understand it, but I just found the whole thing confusing.

Is this a Ghost in the shell reference?

But when all is said and done, Golden wind has the absolutely most badass opening theme, I listened to it way too many times on repeat.

3 – Part 1: Phantom Blood

This is where I fell in love with JoJo. The original JoJo, Jonathan Joestar the guy who has the size of a mountain and has an even bigger heart.

It is not my favourite part, but it was definitely amazing enough to get me hooked on the series. With its over the top action, and from top of the lungs shouting of Speedwagon, it was something unexpected for me.

It was almost like a parody of itself. Buff guys with weird upper body anatomy, vampires, monsters, Dio. The whole thing left me with my jaw dropped.

Also since I never watched JoJo before, but I saw the memes, watching it was full of revelations. “Oh so this is where the meme is from.” moments after each other.

I like old school fighting anime, currently I am re-watching Yu Yu Hakusho, so it really hit a sweet spot for me.

I really wish it was longer and it is too bad that the Phantom Blood movie never got publicly released.

2 – Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Actually not my second favourite part, probably Phantom Blood would be, but I think this is the most well-rounded, comprehensive and most useful JoJo part.

By useful I mean, I think since it is closer to other mainstream anime series it was the entry point for many into the JJBA-verse. Actually as I know many people completely skip parts 1 and 2 and just start at Stardust Crusaders.

It is a complete saga from the beginning to the end with roots in the previous parts, and consequences to the later parts. It has some of the best characters of the franchise and the best chemistry between them.

Jotaro, Polnareff, Kakyoin, Avdol, Joseph and Iggy are characters with very different personalities but through camaraderie they work together perfectly. It was a real ode to bromance.

Also since I’m a simple man, this was the first and last time I fully comprehended Stand Powers. No missing time, glowing orbs, requiem stands. Just flaming bird, punchy guy, time stopping guy, metal guy with sword. It is easy to understand, easy to follow and hard to forget.

To this day, if I hear the closing credits song of the season, I am close to tearing up. Finishing the season, with some of the team mates gone, it felt like a bitter-sweet goodbye to friends.

In fact, I am listening to it right now so I can get the link for the video, and oh boy… it hits hard.

The only shortcoming of it in my opinion was its length. By the end I felt it was a bit dragged out for no reason. Make no mistake, I enjoyed it but I was so hyped to finally face Dio in all his glory, that I became impatient.

All in all, Stardust Crusaders could very well be the best produced part of the anime series, but unfortunately the 1st place has no real contender.

1 – Part 2: Battle Tendency

To be honest I am not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, I don’t mingle with the fandom.

It has everything that made me truly fall in love with the franchise. It is insane, it often makes no sense, it is over over over the top and it is funny as hell.

JoJo is something different for everyone. It has several parts, new characters in each of them, new themes.

For me JoJo is part 2. Scenes that could fill hours of out of context compilations, that birthed tons of memes and scenes that left me puzzled by how silly they were. But despite its chaotic nature, it remained entertaining.

To be honest, I think I talk negatively about some parts, because they are not part 2.

It is very hard to put it in words why I love Part 2 this much, so instead I will just tell you what it has, that other parts don’t.

  • Tequila Joseph
  • Smokey from New York
  • Pillar men posing
  • Pillar men walking
  • Pillar men fighting
  • Pillar men
  • Stroheim
  • Wamuu pulling his own severed head with his hair and shooting it out from a crossbow (!)
  • Kars playing air guitar on an unconscious Lisa Lisa
  • Hamon Bubble

It just has so many memorable, funny and crazy moments, something that I haven’t seen in other parts. Yes, they have twists and turns, but they fade compared to Joseph’s wits and humour for me.

So this is it, this is my ranking. What is yours? Which is your favourite part, and why is it part 2?

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