My hopes for GTA VI

Yesterday Rockstar posted a vague but crystal clear Tweet about GTA VI being in development. While nothing solid is known about the game itself, there is a lot of speculation of its setting, release date and features. I also have a few ideas on what I’d love to see in the new Grand Theft Auto game.

GTA is one of the most famous and most iconic video game franchises. Its latest episode, GTA V was released almost 9 years ago. But despite it being around for quite a while, when Epic Games temporarily made it free in its store, the hordes of gamers rushing to redeem it, completely broke the site.

And rightfully so, GTA V was one of the best rated games in history. It was great looking, ambitious in its scale and overall fun. Not to mention GTA Online, which is still very much active to this day.

But again, 9 years have passed, and gaming always evolves. Rockstar Games itself has the great tradition of always creating better games than the previous one. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of my favourite games ever, and I Rockstar can up that as well, that would be mind-blowing.

But what I really want to talk about are the things that I personally would welcome in the newest part of the GTA series.

Let’s leave the U.S.

With the exception of Grand Theft Auto London, GTA always plays in different cities of USA. I personally have no issue with this and honestly I would not mind another part there, but it would be interesting to discover other continents for a change.

Even if not for the entire game, some parts could play elsewhere. Similarly to RDR2’s painful Tahiti sequence, but better.

A high speed chase on the German Autobahn, robbing a bank in Zurich, maybe some drifting in Tokyo? I would enjoy any of these. It would be a great opportunity to put a bit of new life in the series.

However on a second thought, if they stick to the US, a story unfolding in Las Vegas would be amazing. You know what? Scratch this idea. Give me Vegas!

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A female protagonist

The last few years were all about creating more inclusive games, and I honestly think a female protagonist or protagonists would be very cool.

We met all kinds of guys in the GTA series. The mute psycho, the Eastern European immigrant, gangsters from the hood, burnt out ex-criminal and Trevor. Trevor is in his own league.

But playing the game as a woman would be a nice stroke of colour and something that would make perfect sense in my opinion after all these years.

More car customization options

Do you remember how cool customization was in Need for Speed Underground? The spinning rims? The neon lights? The textures?

I know that in GTA you change your cars faster than some people change their underwear, but still, being able to create cars really tailored to your taste would be great.

Additionally having your own car and being able to tune its specs would add much more depth to the game, tailoring it to your own driving style.

More and better minigames

Before getting introduced to the Yakuza series, I was not a fan of minigames in videos games. I did not hate them, I just avoided them because I found them boring most of the time.

Let’s step over the classic fillers, such as bowling, pool, poker, etc. Give me functioning arcade games, a fun fair with playable games. Add go-kart, trading card games, drinking games.

Yakuza makes such a great job at making its cities alive. And while I cannot expect Rockstar to do the same on a GTA scale city, I think they could easily find some ways that would make the time between committing crimes more enjoyable.

More natural areas

Now I know that GTA is a normally urban adventure, but Rockstar is amazing at creating worlds. Now that I mentioned Red Dead Redemption 2, I remembered its woods and mountains. Assuming that GTA VI will have superior graphics compared to RDR2, being able to take a hike in those gorgeous environments could be breath taking. I remember spending dozens of hours just vibing in RDR2, enjoying the natural scenery.

DualSense support

This is probably a no-brainer, but as a PlayStation 5 player I really hope they will properly utilize the DualSense technology in a smart, immersive way. It can add so much to the enjoyment of a game, especially in a driving game.

I was never a fan of racing games. but since DIRT 5 was one of the free monthly PS Plus games, I am hooked. The way the trigger buttons act when you add throttle, or brake feels amazing. Just the haptic feedback itself made me a racing fan.


Okay this is more of a joke, it will probably not happen, but I wish I’d get more Trevor. He is easily one of my favourite video game characters of all time. I am not sure what this tells about me, but I absolutely love how unhinged yet funny he is. I would very much enjoy it if in a way he would show up again.

The man himself.

What features you’d like to see in GTA VI?

There are probably a ton of other things that I could list. Things that I would love to see, but staying on the grounds of reality, these are the realistic ones.

What new ideas would you introduce to the franchise? Let me know in the comments.

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