Paralives – A Sims rival from Canada?

Since its release in February 2000, Sims became a household name, a staple in gaming. And rightfully so, as there are no really other games in this genre. But now Paralives could bring a breath of fresh air into the scene.

Everyone loves Sims. I know plenty of people who don’t define themselves as gamers, yet they know or even play Sims. Whether you are into it just for building, or you want to raise your virtual family, case your virtual career, Sims has everything covered.

But at the same time, Sims kind of became its own genre. And I did not even realize that it is one of a kind. That until I saw Paralives for the first time, and honestly, I got super excited.

From Canada with love

Paralives is being developed by a small studio, called Paralives Studio. Their Lead Developer, Alex Massé is an experienced game dev. He worked on previous popular titles, such as PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. Which is coincidentally one of the few mobile games that I thoroughly enjoyed as well.

The game actually won the award for the Most anticipated Canadian game, to which I just want to add, that I am also anticipating it here, on the other side of the Globe.

Overall the studio seems very determined and very transparent with their progress, which is always a good sign.

I am excited

The first footage of Paralives was the House Building gameplay video. It blew my mind. My finacée is an avid Sims 4 player, and I remember I called for her in excitement to show her how differently this builder is. In fact, I think it is not just different, but better.

House Building in Paralives is insanely good

The obvious difference from Sims, that everything is resizable, customizable.

You like the design on a table but you’d rather have it as a coffee table? No worries! You can scale it as you wish, making it shorter, taller, etc. You can elevate the floor, freely transform doors and windows, place them wherever you want. Round walls? Paralives got your back.

It is truly amazing how everything is customizable, and in all honesty, it made me realize, how much we are used to Sims. And how better we could have it.

Make no mistake, I am by no means throwing shade at Sims. It is a classic which made many people so happy. But times are changing, and finally we can have a more modernised alternative.

The plethora of customization options are also present in the character creator. Keeping in mind that the game is still in development, it looks very promising.

Paralives character creation

Sims still goes strong

Of course I am not saying that Sims and Paralives are necessary rivals. There is plenty of space for everyone. However obviously they are targeting a similar market.

Also contesting Sims would be a tough task. Despite the fact that Sims 4 was released almost 8 years ago, it still has a very strong following. Just a few days ago a new, wedding themed pack was leaked. Which is insane given how old the core game is. Not to mention that Sims has dozens upon dozens of already existing DLCs, kits, expansions.

However in my opinion the success of Sims lies in 2 main factors.

On one hand it has a huge crowd of die-hard fans. Thousands of mods, communities, fan pages. Sims has tradition and history.

On the other hand, Sims has personality. In the Sims games you are not just simulating life. You simulate a more insane, exciting, colourful life.

Witches, werewolves, aliens, Social Bunny, magic, and so on. Sims has a weird charm because the characters are weird. And people embrace this weirdness.

It is a big question what kind of personality the Parafolks will have, what charm the game can show us. We escape into games sometimes to forget a bit about our lives. But playing life simulator games does not mean we just want to build big houses or wear the dresses we dream of.

We play life sims, to live a life that we never could in this reality. And the Sims series caters to this fantasy.

When Paralives gets released?

The answer is very simple: we don’t know. It is worth following the project if you are interested, because the devs post updates on a regular basis. I am definitely following and looking forward to the release. If you want to find out more about the studio and how to support them, go check out their Patreon page.

What about you? Would you be curious to try Paralives? Do you think it could be the next Sims? Let me know in the comments.

The images and videos in this post are the property of Paralives Studio.

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