17 days into blogging

I just want to recap my experience from picking up blogging as a hobby, and what I learned from it so far. It is a short journey yet, but I hope it will be a long one.

I have the horrible habit of getting excited for a hobby for a short time, only to get tired of it and ditch it eventually. The mistake I usually make is that in that time that I am interested in it, I am hyper focused on it, waking early and sleeping late. Sacrificing all my free time to it. Then give up on it.

What seems different this time, is that blogging, searching for ideas (so far) feels like a new hobby every day.

When I decided to start the blog, I had a few starter ideas. Writing about the Yakuza series that I am passionate about, listing my first games that I have ever played, ranking my favourite parts of a certain anime series.

Do your own research

Of course this well ran dry pretty fast. But I found that I enjoy the thought process of looking for a new idea. And even more, I really started to enjoy doing research for topics.

And every topic is something new, the research methods are new, the sources I have to use are new. In addition, because I often write about old games, through research I have the pleasure to relive the first memories playing those games. Actually this could be the best part.

Down on Memory Lane

Just the other day I was writing a short list of my favourite cinematic cutscenes of old video games. And I had so much fun re-watching and reliving those moments.

Which is exactly the emotion I’d like to invoke in people who played those games, and happen to stumble upon my posts.

Improving myself

Another fun aspect of this whole thing is learning things. I’ve never blogged before, much of the features, tools were new to me. I had the concept in my head, I know what headers, galleries, slideshows, etc. are.

But finding the format and aesthetics that I like took me some time, and I had a great time changing logos, colors, adding features, googling how-tos.

I also like my new posts more than the first ones. I spend more time with research, I take notes, write a structure before I start writing. In the first few posts, I just wrote what and how it came to my mind.

The road ahead

Will I quit blogging the same way as other hobbies? Only time will tell.

However I am optimistic for one reason. Every post is different, every research is different, which keeps things fresh.

I am very happy for every follow, like and especially comment, because after all what could keep things fresher, than having interactions with like-minded people?

What is sure, this hobby is far more complex and interesting than I ever imagined, and I hope I will have the time and vision to keep this up.

Also seeing other bloggers’ stories, whether they have 10 or 1000 followers is a great motivation.

I mean every like and comment when I say:

Congratulations and keep it up!

If you are interested in gaming, retro games, and like to have discussions about the industry, please consider following my blog.

My goal is to create original content, discovering the cultural and artistic aspects of video games. I see this type of media as a form of art, that has so much to it than many people think.

2 responses to “17 days into blogging”

  1. Greatly agree with you on the short-spanned excitement. Whenever I start playing something new, it’s not too long before I get either bored of it or get starry-eyed over another game 😅

    Great points made! I’m new to the blogging scene as well and seeing info about these things only motivates me to get better and more involved.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!

      And yeah… I played Yakuza like a month ago, still in Kiwami 2. Then started Arceus, got a bit bored of it.

      Today I was actually playing Fortnite 😅 wanted to see how it is on PS5


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